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Unfalteringly reserved; has high self-esteem and elevated confidence in her capabilities; makes vastly informed wardrobe choices; effortlessly capable of absorbing multi-brands in one single look without giving too much of a compromise from her highly sophisticated and personalized dress style; can purely reincarnate her multi-faceted personality traits, thoughts, and her unpredictable moods into her daily looks; carries fashion pieces as her second skin; financially independent, knowledgeable about art and design; not easily impressed nor an impulse buyer; intricate to challenge; excellent observer of her environment and fun seeker; career aspired but not obsessed; simply adopts to new habitats: amply eclectic; has a sound understanding of her body structure and uses this information as one main reference point in her decision making for new pieces, enjoys relentless appraisal and is open to sharp and constructive critiques; admirer of extreme product quality blended with remarkable creativity.