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COPURS is a contemporary luxury womenswear label ,Created by two sisters, Derya and Hulya Copur, the brand’s core objective is about creating highly aesthetic but ‘wearable’ designs, which stand out in their extreme product quality. Derya has been living in London for over a decade and graduated from London College of Fashion and Istıtuto Marangoni. She is mainly involved in the creative aspects of the brand and combines her sound knowledge of garment design technology with her international experience and strong education in fashion styling, arts and design, and intrinsically injects this blend into the brand’s visual aesthetics. Hulya is a graduate of University of Hull and has a masters degree from Istituto Marangoni, mainly involved in business and managerial aspects of the brand and is in charge of collection production. The brands main offer, which distinctively fills the gap in the market, is that it supplies stylish individuals with high quality eclectic minimal design pieces, which represent the female shape in intriguingly sexy but refined ways, and leaves the wearer a considerable amount of private room to roam in reincarnating their personality into each look by adding their specific touches hence uniquely personalizing the pieces whilst blending an exceptionally charismatic fashion sense with London’s energy. The label 
offers a point of difference through encapsulating a high end aesthetic and quality whilst being highly wearable. It is the pair’s meticulous eye for detail coupled with the ability to be commercially savvy with their designs that sets this collection in particular and the brand in general apart from their peers.